She is very worn out and looks much older than her years! completed film career Cameron

She appears considerably older than her actual age and is really exhausted. completed a career in film Cameron

American actress Cameron Diaz, who has blue eyes, was dubbed “the main blonde of the 90s.”

The “Mask” star is now 50 years old and hasn’t made an appearance on television in nearly ten years. Additionally, Cameron generally stopped appearing in public and going to social gatherings.

She once described her early exit from the movie business in an interview with Gwyneth Paltrow as being due to her “unwillingness to give her life to someone else.”

Cameron did not do nothing after the filming was finished. Diaz has committed her life to social activism and commercial development. The Body Book is one of the many beauty books the celebrity has authored.

The three books are The Longevity Book, The Science of Strength, and Additional Ways to Love Your Gorgeous Body.

The actress is married to Good Charlotte guitarist and backup vocalist Benji Madden, 44, with whom she shares a daughter named Raddix. Street photographers recently captured a unique image of the Cameron and Benji family out for a stroll.

Fans bemoaned the fact that Diaz had aged dramatically and was no longer the stunning woman who ruled the red carpet. Some attribute the problem to loose clothing and poor makeup:

The celebrity was drowsily pushing a giant double stroller in front of her while wearing an oversized T-shirt, jacket, tall boots, and a black cap.

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