Pamela is already donning summer 2023’s biggest biкini trend

The hottest bikini trend for summer 2023 is already being worn by Pamela.

Being from Southern California, sunbathing is one of my favorite activities (along with wearing a lot of sunscreen, of course). Just by wearing a swimsuit all day, I feel better.

Thankfully, summer 2023 is chock-full of swimsuit styles that will keep me busy for the entire season, but there’s one style that stars like Pamela Anderson and Demi Moore are swooning over that just might take the cake. What style is being referred to? Tiny little things called string biкinis.

Since Louis Réard invented the idea in the 1940s, string bikinis have been a mainstay of the swim industry. Due to its seductive and attractive silhouette, the risqué appearance is still fashionable today.

Even better, the suit’s adjustable ties help you customize it to fit your body perfectly while preventing unnecessary (and, dare I say, bothersome) tan lines. However, the comfort that string bikinis offer is a major factor in their longevity.

The light fabric promotes skin ventilation, fits comfortably in all the right places, and lessens the likelihood of wedgies that cheeky and full-coverage bottoms frequently bring.

Given that Dua Lipa, Heidi Klum, and Camila Cabello have all sported string bikinis this summer, it seems that they are a popular choice among celebrities. Personally, I connect Pamela Anderson from Baywatch with string bicinis.

She recently shared a photo of herself on my Instagram page wearing a tiny red two-piece from Frankie’s Bikinis, a company she just recently partnered with. Amazon also offers a ton of inexpensive lookalikes:

My favorite is this $27 Suvimuga suit, which is available in sizes XS to XXL and has a fiery red color that closely resembles Anderson’s. Over 7,700 customers have given it five stars on Amazon, and one of them called it the “best bathing suit” they had ever bought.

Demi Moore has worn the same leopard swimsuit twice in the past two months because, like Anderson, she can’t get enough of the little bikini.

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