Luxurious ball in Cannes! Naomi celebrated her birthday in a golden dress with slits

Elegant ball in Cannes! Naomi wore a golden dress with side slits to celebrate her birthday.

To celebrate the 53rd anniversary, the model threw a party. As she welcomed the visitors, Naomi Campbell wore a majestic dress with a fiery edge.

The 76th Cannes Film Festival features the international catwalk sensation. As it was also her birthday, Naomi took the opportunity.

With the help of a well-known international business she has worked with for a long time, she hosted a party in a French resort town. Campbell selected the ideal picture for a lavish event in Cannes.

On the red carpet, Black Panther was dressed in a maxi dress with gold sequin embroidery, feather trim down the bottom, and asymmetrical cuts along the ample bust. The model displayed a slim body while wearing a tight-fitting suit.

The birthday lady had her dark hair permitted to naturally fall down her back with a precise middle part, and she had a spectacular evening makeup look that included thick arrows and wine-colored lipstick.

The top model selected five large rings with brilliant stones, two bracelets with diamonds, and silver hanging earrings.

All evening long, the supermodel was in a fantastic mood, especially after Robin Thicke serenaded her. It appears that the singer April Love Geary’s wife had nothing against the musician basking in the spotlight of the evening’s major character.

For the celebration, the model wore a form-fitting pink minidress with a halter neck and bare shoulders along with silver stiletto sandals. She displayed clarity in her jewelry selection by wearing a number of rings.

Robin wore a black silk shirt, black pants, and sophisticated shoes, and he looked stunning. Several chains with gold and silver pendants suited his appearance.

Later in the evening, April embraced her fiance and made sexy moves in front of others. The Daily Mail reported that the lovers gave each other a gentle kiss and found it difficult to separate themselves.

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