Looks like a mess! Mila appeared in public with a terrible hairstyle

It seems to be a mess! Mila had dreadful hair when she went out in public.

Fans are still in disbelief over how drastically “The Fifth Element” star’s appearance has transformed.

Mila has always stood out for her extraordinary beauty and grace. She is an extremely gifted and clever woman who has already succeeded in having a large family. Mila attended social gatherings and consistently displayed her superb taste.

The actress looked stunning in a lovely outfit, trendy makeup, and a chic hairdo, but this time the alterations were a touch excessive for the celebrity.

Jovovich was recently captured by photojournalists as she was stepping out of the automobile and being photographed by paparazzi from all angles. She had a regular, daily clothes on while wearing a quiet terror on her head.

The Hollywood actress appeared to have had a portion of her head shaved, and many observers thought that the remaining curls had been chaotically ripped out.

Such a hairdo is obviously inappropriate for the face of a famous celebrity; there is no sign of her former beauty and radiant appearance. Some people believed that the haircut was a symptom of a dreadful illness. A person in good mental and physical condition cannot give themselves such a haircut.

Mila received tens of thousands of messages on social media from users who were concerned about her whereabouts. Jovovich responded in a cool manner, stating that she did her own hair. She briefly clipped off her curls by using scissors.

She clarified that she wasn’t concerned about how she looked, saying that her hair will grow anyhow. For the time being, she is just waiting to see what happens.

By the way, the actress was able to walk the Chanel show with her new hairstyle. True, she did the styling this time, and a gorgeous pearl headband covered a portion of her head, making the shaved areas less obvious.

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