It’s embarrassing to even look at! Bollywood star Aishwarya ridiculed at Cannes

It’s disgraceful even to look at! Bollywood actress Aishwarya was made fun of in Cannes

The model on the catwalk made a mistake with the outfit.

In the 1990s, Aishwarya Rai, a Bollywood diva, was loved for her beauty. The model has learnt to shock the public with excessively bizarre ensembles after nearly 30 years, but hasn’t lost any of its charm in the process.

At the French Cannes Film Festival, Rai walked the red carpet. In every sense of the word, the star shone. She tried on an outfit made by an Emirati designer that resembles a silver blanket wrapped with a large black bow.

This work of art was capped by a sizable hood of glitter. Even when it came to her hair, the Indian woman did not hesitate.

Rai walked the red carpet at the Cannes Film Festival in France. The star sparkled in every sense of the term. She tried on a garment created by a designer from the United Arab Emirates that resembled a silver blanket tied with a big black bow.

This work of art has a huge, shimmering hood on top of it. The Indian woman made no attempt to think about her hair.

The New Hearth claims that in the past, Aishwarya wore considerably more sophisticated attire that emphasized her femininity. This time, the audience members only exchanged glances while blushing in front of them.

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