I can’t contain my excitement! Hayek was so lit in a light dressing gown that the photographer had to blur some places

My excitement is too much to handle! Hayek was wearing a light dressing gown and was so well lighted that the photographer had to use some blur.

Salma Hayek, a Mexican actress, has more over 24 million subscribers, a number that has recently been surpassed.

The actress, who was only wearing a white bathrobe and was surrounded by members of her crew, could not contain her pleasure at this and began dancing. The background music’s beat caused the 56-year-old beauty to flutter and spin.

Hayek uploaded a video of the moment of joy with his fans. Intimate areas that occasionally flashed into the pictures due to her weightless garment flapping open during the dance had to be blurred by the photographer prior to this, it is true.

“24 million fans, 24 million things to smile about” I appreciate you all coming along for the exciting adventure! I’m so happy and grateful that I can’t even contain it,” the actress stated.

Although they were somewhat upset with the restriction of the video, fans showered Salma with praise. This video has a problem because it is frequently hazy.

Who dislikes fuzzy images? Couldn’t let 24 million people witness, Blur destroys our day. How harsh. The censorship is the finest part because you can tell that you are living your best life while dancing. Anything can become a fiesta with Latinos. Thank you for 24 million! I yelled as I looked: QUEEN

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