I broke the dress code, but I didn’t disgrace myself! Jenn in a luxurious dress and flip flops in Cannes

I didn’t humiliate myself even though I violated the dress code! In Cannes, Jenn wore a designer dress and flip-flops.

The 32-year-old actress is renowned for embarrassing herself on the red carpet. Jennifer Lawrence opted for casual beach shoes over stiletto heels.
This has evolved into a Hollywood star’s principal dread following scandalous collapses in front of hundreds of photographers.

Jennifer made the decision this time to avoid tempting fate and favor cozy footwear sans heels. At the Cannes Film Festival, the documentary “Bread and Roses” had its world debut, and the actress attended. The tape’s producer is its star.

Lawrence chose a pricey red spaghetti strap dress with a big skirt and matching shawl for the red carpet. A pricey diamond necklace gave the outfit a glitzy finishing touch.

The actress was given an evening make-up look that included wine-colored lipstick and smokey eyeshadow. She had gorgeously curled hair that was permitted to freely fall over her shoulders.

But the focus of the public’s attention was on the Hunger Games actor’s shoes. Lawrence flagrantly broke social convention by walking down the route in plain slates, affectionately known as “frogs,” as opposed to elegant stiletto pumps.

While it was concealed by the garment, the photographers caught the actress lifting the hems of her thick skirt as she down the stairs of the Palais des Festivals.

The actress has previously encountered humorous situations more than time. She made mistakes in pursuing her 2013 Best Actress Oscar. The young woman was so sad that she buried her head in her hands.

The next year, as she was making her way down the red carpet of another social gathering, she gave way and collapsed. According to the Daily Mail, she misplaced her shoe two years later while she was leaving a dinner in London to mark the debut of her movie My Boyfriend Is a Crazy.

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