Hurley, 57, posed in a white biкini and we can’t find words to adore

Hurley, 57, posed in a white bikini, and we are in love with him beyond words.

On May 21, the 57-year-old British actress Elizabeth Hurley uploaded a snapshot to Instagram in which she posed while facing the camera.
Hurley posed while wearing a beach robe with a peacock feather pattern and a white bikini.

The actress mentioned that her eyeglasses were made by the couple David Furnish and British musician Elton John.
Hurley additionally displayed a photo in a mint bianchi.

Hurley was dressed in a white bikini and a beach robe with a peacock feather pattern.

The actress mentioned that her eyewear was created by David Furnish, the wife of Elton John.
Moreover, Hurley shared a picture of herself wearing a mint bikini.

In the UK, Elizabeth Hurley was born in 1965. In 1987, she made her acting debut as the lead in Bruce Beresford’s movie Aria. In 1992, Hurley made his Hollywood debut with the film Passenger 57.

Hurley and British actor Hugh Grant were wed legally for 13 years. The couple split up in 2000. The actress wed Indian businessman Arun Nayar in 2007, and they split up in 2011.

Damian, the actress’ son, was born in 2002. Hurley offers custom swimsuits that she creates herself. On her microblog, she promotes beachwear as well.

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