From ballerina to jock! what Natalie did with her figure

From dancer to athlete! what Natalie done to alter her body

In a fresh look, the actress graced the red carpet.

In the film Black Swan, Natalie Portman once portrayed a frail ballerina. However, she participated in the “Thor” movie last year, which required her to work out.

The actress worked out for nine months, claims 7 Days. She put in a ton of work and bulked up. But despite the fact that the movie’s filming is long over.

Natalie Portman seems unable to let go of her newly discovered figure. At a Cannes Film Festival event, photographers took pictures of the actress.

The actress reportedly worked out in the gym for nine months, per 7 Days. She put in a lot of work in the gym and gained muscle. However, it appears that despite the fact that the film’s filming has long since concluded, Natalie Portman is not in a rush to show off her new physique. At a Cannes Film Festival event, the actress was captured on camera by paparazzi.

The actress was stunning in a mesh dress with an underlining of naked skin. But it was impossible to miss the fact that she had developed strong muscles in her arms and a bodybuilder-like chest.

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