Donna responded to the accusations with a bold photo in a biкini

Donna refuted the claims with a striking image wearing a bikini.On May 21, two weeks after dazzled in a glittering gown, Donna D’Errico posted a humorous snapshot to Instagram to respond to her detractors.

Nobody does cheeky posts like 55-year-old Donna D’Errico! On May 21, the Baywatch veteran uploaded a photo to Instagram showing off her bottom in a thong onesie and responding angrily to her detractors (see PHOTO HERE).

The blonde bombshell turned away from the camera and only exposed her backside in full view in the photograph. Acceptance is a fascinating concept. Whether we like to admit it or not, we all desire it and crave it.

In the lengthy caption, she said, “We attempt to fit in with society’s standards and conventions and do what is expected of us out of fear of being rejected or criticized.

Donna continued the commentary by highlighting the high expectations of beauty for those in Hollywood. “We want to be adored, admired, and valued…wanted. Included. Important. Noticed.

It hurts when we get chastised or rejected,” the 55-year-old continued. “We may put up a front that it doesn’t bother us, but it does. All of a sudden, we feel unworthy. lower than. Not sufficient. The TV star kept inspiring her 1.7 million fans with messages on social media.

I’m here to reassure you that you are adequate. You ARE essential. You are f****** incredible. Just the way you are. It took me some time to understand it for myself,” Donna wrote.

Donna continued by admitting that she gained weight and “Ated. A lot” as a result of her grief after her mother passed away. She disclosed that she had surgery to tighten up her “loose” skin after deciding to get back in shape.

“I absolutely let myself go when cancer encircled my mother and took her from my life. stopped exercising. Ate. A lot. Months laid in grief,” the mother of two wrote. I pushed myself out of the mire and got my a. “I thought my mum wouldn’t appreciate what I’d become.**

I cleaned up my diet and went to the gym. In six months, I shed more than 40 pounds,” she continued. “The weight loss left some loose skin that I didn’t like, so I went in and got that buttoned up. I have no shame in admitting that.”

The ex-wife of singer Nikki Sixx acknowledged that she is content with her body’s current state. It improved and boosted my confidence. People frequently claim that I owe my body to plastic surgery. Go ahead and do it if stating and believing that makes them feel better about themselves.

Donna returned the clap. “I know what it took to get my body where I wanted it, and for me, that is enough.” She completed her message by writing a last remark on self-love in light of her newest photo session. This is me, then. Totally me. from all sides. No, I’m not flawless.

But perfection is both dull and unachievable. I sincerely hope you love the photos as much as I am loving uploading them and letting go of my anxiety of being judged. Also fine is not doing so. My friends, may you live in harmony, in love, and in light.

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