Cut yourself off from people! Angie is traumatized by her divorce from Brad

Cut off any contact with others! Angie’s separation from Brad has left her distraught.

The demise of her marriage was difficult for the Hollywood actress to handle. Angelina Jolie’s (Angelina Jolie) friends said that she hasn’t changed her mind about leaving Brad Pitt (Brad Pitt).

One of Hollywood’s most attractive women is the “The Temptation” movie’s lead. For many girls, Angelina’s appearance has become the norm.

However, after splitting from the father of her biological and adoptive children, the artist, 47, was unable to achieve personal satisfaction.

According to Jolie’s friends, the divorce caused her to suffer from a terrible depression. They claimed that the actress “was on her own” more than usual at this time.

Angelina has since weaned herself off of attending public gatherings. The actress faced a challenging test when she recently made an appearance with her son Maddox. She hasn’t appeared in front of so many cameras in a long time. She rarely leaves the house, the insider said.

The friend of the Hollywood star acknowledged that this had an impact on the UN employee’s decision to leave last year. He claims that Angelina can only find comfort in talking to kids.

“She no longer communicates with families other than her own children and has distanced herself from the coworkers she has known for years. She is essentially alone. “A friend of the actress remarked that her life is quite lonely.

Another Jolie acquaintance acknowledged that her brother James Haven and her father, actor Jon Voight, supported her for a while. However, family communication quickly stopped.

Additionally, Angelina made futile attempts to get in touch with Salma Hayek and Elle Fanning. “Angelina can come across as apprehensive and frigid. She was certain that she had little interest in girlish conversation, according to a friend of Atelier Jolie’s owner.

Additionally, the actress doesn’t date or form relationships with guys. The star’s offspring are concerned for her and hope she finds a deserving life companion. “Her private life has all but vanished. Angelina surely longs for social interaction.

However, I don’t believe she wants to give it her all once more. Angie formerly had such a shining, daring spirit, but in recent years, her light has faded.

We can only hope that it will eventually reopen for fun and dates. Her kids just want to see her happy again, according to the insider, who was reported by Radaronline.

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