Beach queen! Britney in acid green brа delighted fans

Beach diva! Britney’s admirers were charmed with her acid green bra.

Britney Spears (Britney Spears), 40, and Sam Asgari (Sam Asghari), 28, left on their honeymoon. The couple are in California for their honeymoon.

The American singer just today unveiled a video of herself having fun on the beach. Britney wore an eye-catching bikini, an acid green bra, and leopard-print bottoms. While swimming in the ocean, the celebrity posed for her hubby.

The singer bemoaned the terrible weather despite the seductive footage. Britney acknowledged that the season ended up being wet. The newlyweds therefore spend the most of their time in the room. But as soon as the sun shines, the couples head for the shore.

Britney claimed that she enjoys eating solely fruits while on vacation. “These fruits are really wonderful. As soon as they touch my tongue, they melt. Fruits envelop me in peaceful silence, and the crunch of a watermelon is the only thing that can interrupt it. Yes, this place is too hot for other cuisine, the singer said.

Supporters cheered for Spears and her pleasant honeymoon. Britney’s admirers encouraged her with comments like “You are stunning, Brit,” “Queen of the beach!”,” “What a cool you are,” “Just fire,” “Girl, move forward and enjoy life,” and “Our darling bride.”

The Grammy winner also demonstrated that she and Sam didn’t overlook the canine companion. Sawyer was taken on vacation by Spears and Asghari and made it through the flight without incident. Britney captured footage of her husband boarding a plane while holding a puppy.

Sam set the dog on his lap and sat back in the chair. The personal trainer waved Sawyer’s paw in front of the camera.

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