56 yearold Hayek in a dressing gown started dancing on the occasion of the good news

On hearing the wonderful news, 56-year-old Hayek began dancing while wearing a dressing gown.

Salma Hayek, a 56-year-old Mexican Hollywood actress, said on May 16 that she has 24 million Instagram followers. “24,000,000 subscribers, 24,000,000 good reasons to grin. I appreciate you all coming along on this crazy adventure! I can’t help but be happy and grateful,” she said in her letter.

Samantha Lopez, a photographer who is seen dancing with Hayek in the video, received a happy birthday greeting from the actress. Hayek was born in Mexico in 1966. She co-starred with Spanish actor Antonio Banderas in Desperado, her debut Hollywood movie, in 1995.

“24 million subscribers is the same as 24 million reasons to smile.” I appreciate you joining me on this crazy voyage! She wrote, “I can’t help but be overwhelmed and grateful.”

Samantha Lopez, a photographer who is also shown dancing with the actress in the movie, received a birthday greeting from Hayek.

In 1966, Hayek was born in Mexico. Her first Hollywood film, Desperado, was released in 1995, and she acted alongside Antonio Banderas, a Spanish actor.

The most well-known works she contributed to include “Frida,” “From Dusk Till Dawn,” and “Bandidas.” Hayek starred in a brand-new movie that was released in the US in 2022 called Magic Mike: The Last Dance.

Two years after the birth of their daughter Valentina, Hayek wed Pino in 2009. She became a French businessman’s second legal wife.

Since 2005, Pino has served as the chairman and CEO of the luxury goods firm Kering. Since 2003, Artémis Group’s president.

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