Lost weight and in tattoos! What does the star of Macho and Nerd Jonah look like now?

tattoos and weight loss! How does Macho and Nerd Jonah’s star now appear?

Soon, Jonah Hill will be a parent! According to the most recent paparazzi photos, the actor made the decision to “kind of” catch up with the kid (and he did it brilliantly!).

While looking for a surfboard, the Hollywood actor was seen in the store. To be honest, we didn’t immediately recognize John.

He is still better known to us for playing Schmidt in the film “Macho and Nerd,” but right now he has tattoos, curly hair, and has shed a lot of weight. In general, it takes some time for us to get acclimated to his new appearance.

Recall that the paparazzi photos caused suspicions about a potential replenishment in the actor’s family to surface. He was seen shopping for baby supplies with his love Olivia Millar not far from their Santa Monica home.

A wedding ring was also present on Millar’s ring finger, indicating that the wedding was also approaching.

In any case, we previously revealed that Jonah Hill had submitted a petition to have his name officially changed in order to drop the genuine name Feldstein.

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