Kendall flaunts her sandy backside in a tհоng biкini for hot beach photos

For steamy beach pictures, Kendall flashes her sandy behind in a thong bikini.

On the beach, Kendall Jenner once more displayed her bikini prowess—this time in a little black thong!

According to a fresh Instagram post shared on May 11 on the beach, a beautiful bottle of 818, and Kendall Jenner, nothing tops the combination. In a black thong bikini and red ball cap, Kendall lounged on an open beach while sipping cool 818 Tequila.

with her 287 million followers in pictures she posted. Another image showed her checking her phone and adjusting her skimpy slacks, while another image showed her sandy posterior while carrying a glass of the beverage.

She performed air guitar and only used a red guitar emoji to caption the pictures, which was made clear by the last image.

One of the first to reply was Khloe Kardashian, who said, “Honestly, you’re just perfect.” One admirer said, “I wonder who took u these photos,” while another referred to her as a “Kendall goddess.” Another said, “The level of relaxation I need is tequila and sandy cheeks.”

The 2023 Met Gala was held in New York City on May 1, and Kendall attended dressed in a bodysuit and cape with tuxedo-inspired details. However, she didn’t bring her lover at the time, Bad Bunny, to the greatest night in fashion.

Kylie Jenner, a 27-year-old supermodel, first shared her beauty and self-care routine in 2022. As a result, her appearance—whether on red carpets or at the beach—does not come naturally.

Ice facials are something she has been using frequently lately, she admitted to Forbes at the time. “I dip my face into a bowl of ice first thing in the morning.” It not only benefits your skin but also reduces anxiety.

She claimed she also practices transcendental meditation because a large part of her beauty routine focuses on reducing anxiety. I also schedule time for meditation,” she added. I then write out my goals for the day before leaving for my morning workout, which of course includes Pilates.

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