Jennifer Garner flaunts her see through top and shorts

Jennifer Garner displays a sheer blouse and shorts.

In the course of her modeling career, Jennifer Garner has been on numerous magazine covers (see, for example, her Alias-inspired Rolling Stone flashback from 2002); at 51, she may have even outdone herself.

For Allure’s most recent cover, the star of The Last Thing He Told Me has blonde (!!!) hair and a pale pink sports bra underneath a transparent t-shirt dress. As promised, admirers are sending all the fire emojis due to the metamorphosis and sultry-sporty environment.

Garner posted the cover of Allure and praised the photographer in an Instagram post. “Thank you, @allure. XX,” she said.

They must have enjoyed themselves because one of the other pictures of Garner has a bright red hairstyle and smokey eyes (maybe a throwback to her Alias days?).

In another, she’s sporting a platinum wig in the form of a mushroom and a bright yellow raincoat.

On the other hand, the cover photo is unquestionably a friend and fan favorite. Jennifer, you are the REAL DEAL because of this. You can transform from appearing on the cover of a magazine as the sexiest mother in America to having damp hair and no makeup on your “Pretend Cooking Show,”

and we are available for ANYTHING. One person yelled, “OF. IT!” These are quite beautiful. What a wonderful time. Moreover, Andie MacDowell provided input. “Jaw on the floor,” Kerry Washington wrote.

In the Allure interview, Garner talked about starting an organic snack company (Once Upon a Farm), surviving her early 2000s paparazzi-fueled fame storm, and having a family.

And her beauty routines, particularly the three-year-old hair care program she started with Virtue. “It actually works,” she said. The shampoos and conditioners are a huge game changer, and I use them religiously.

Garner also brought up the topic of aging. The 51-year-old claims she doesn’t look back on her life to date with regret. She asked, “What’s the point?” There is nothing to gain, “They sink you for what?”

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