Charlize in a dress with cutouts under the bսst and on the hips was published in Italy

Italy published a photo of Charlize wearing a garment with cuts on the hips and under the bust.

At a press conference in Rome, a Hollywood starlet made an appearance. In a vivid attire, Charlize Theron (Charlize Theron) made a statement.

To promote “Fast and the Furious 10” with her involvement, the Oscar winner came to Italy’s capital. The 47-year-old singer worked with stylist Leslie Freemar and famous hairstylist Adir Abergel to create a sophisticated look for the second day of the press tour.

Theron chose bronzed makeup and a loose French wave. a person from Benoni, a city in South Africa, wearing a lengthy royal blue dress. The artist’s beautiful physique was highlighted by the American armhole collar, as well as the various cutouts on the hips and under the bust.

Charlize completed the look with a pair of matching platform ankle boots.

The celebrity scheduled a photo shoot before attending the function. Theron posed on the hotel balcony, which had a lovely view of the city. A black jacket was thrown over Charlize’s shoulders. The actress closed her eyes dreamily while placing her hand on her waist. “Day two,” Theron said.

Charlize’s new look was hailed by her fans. “The dress is just stunning. Words are absent. The rug will catch fire under you,” “Charlize, you are stunning,” and “Very trendy,”

The followers praised her dress, writing, “Dress, ankle boots, amazing pose – everything worked out,” “Blue color suits you,” “Very beautiful, sexy and fantastic outfit,” “The most opulent woman in the world,” and “Classic beauty.”

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