Tanned private areas! Irina in a persuasive cocktail

Tanned private areas! Irina in a persuasive cocktail

A fiery photo shoot made a top model, age 37, its star. Irina Shayk made an appearance wearing a small green bikini.

Rarely does the Russian star display intimate photos. Irina visited the Formula 1 races in Miami during the past weekend, and she has since shared photos from her stay. The top model shared some risky photos as well.

Irina had a sluggish expression on her face as she fixed her gaze forward. Shayk chose a tiny, emerald-colored bikini that miraculously managed to stay on her chest. The star’s tanned figure was barely covered by the swimming suit, which appeared to be a size smaller.

Irina displayed a beautiful physique with a trim waist and chiseled press. The ex-fiancée of Bradley Cooper appeared flawless. The model was quickly complimented by her followers.

“I love you, Ira! I am amazed by your images each time I see them! You embody femininity; how lovely you are; one mistake, no bikini; you are femininity itself! Very dangerous,” the bloggers said.

Shayk was made fun of online the day before for her choice of racing attire. The model was dressed in a translucent dress with black leggings below.

Not nearly the acceptable attire for a sporting occasion, why can’t you dress decently? Why showcase yourself? “, “Why attract too much attention? Haters debated, “Does a supermodel still require it?

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