Goosebumps! Angie posted a sweet and heartfelt image

Goosebumps! Angie posted a sweet and heartfelt image.

The celebrity worries that her fate might be repeated.

On social media, Angelina Jolie shared a heartfelt message. She paid homage to Marcheline Bertrand, her late mother, who would have turned 73 the previous day.

She can be seen seated next to Bertrand in an old photograph that the artist released. The mother, who was a genuine beauty, and the daughter are remarkably similar. Given that Jolie is getting close to the age when a dreadful cancer was discovered in her cousin, this likeness makes it even more unsettling.

A vintage photograph of the artist sitting next to Bertrand when she was considerably tiny was given by the artist. The mother was a great beauty, and the daughter bears a strong resemblance to her.

This similarity becomes even more worrisome because Jolie is getting close to the age at which a terrible illness was identified in a family.

The celebrity acknowledged her mother’s battle with breast cancer. Jolie regularly has medical checks because she worries that the disease might be found in her. The artist made an effort to help anyone who was dealing with this diagnosis.

The actress stated, “I extend my love to those who have lost loved ones as well, and strength to those who are now battling for their life as well as the lives of people they love.

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