A girl in bikini! Josie loves wearing two-piece ensembles, and the pictures are proof of that

A girl in bikini! Josie loves wearing two-piece ensembles, and the pictures are proof of that.

What an attention-getter! Josie Canseco doesn’t give a damn if anyone sees her wearing a bikini. Despite coming from a well-known family, the model has made a name for herself by appearing on multiple magazine covers and as a Victoria’s Secret Angel.

The Florida native failed to deliver the previous year before participating in the historic runway show of 2018.I merely worked as a walker, and that was it. After slipping and falling during the casting call, she told Page Six in December 2018: “I couldn’t even do that!”

“In contrast, I laughed it off. “I’m great at making fun of myself,” you say.

When Josie returned the following year, she was ready.

She remarked at the time, “I was honored to be seated there among all these girls.

Everyone was ecstatic, encouraging one another, and giving each other pats on the back.I will sit here forever, I told myself.

Josie, who currently holds her “dream job,” admitted to Flaunt Magazine in 2021 that she has “acquired a fascination for the fashion side where there are so many fantastic creative directors working alongside brilliant designers each with their own take on what fashion is,

because maintaining that level at all times is what I want to strive for.” She said, “I don’t know if my aspirations are ever tied to my profession.

I put in a lot of effort and have a strong work ethic, but I also want to ensure that I’m taking care of myself and leading a balanced life even as I push myself to travel, work, and do whatever else I need to accomplish.

I was therefore forced to take stock of where I was, where I wanted to go, and what was actually essential after being forced to take a year and a half off due to COVID, and I have to admit that the down time proved to be a blessing in disguise for my mental health and focus. I only hope that when things get back to normal, I can keep my composure and continue to be content and balanced.

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