Pale as a ghost! Angie in a white dress and blowdryed hair

As ghostly white as a sheet! Angie wore a white dress, and her hair was blowdried.

The Hollywood actress brought her son to the event, where she startled the crowd with her attempt at a beauty appearance that was less than successful.

Angelina Jolie made a public appearance with her son Pax yesterday, April 26, at a charity event. This marked the first time in a considerable amount of time that she has done so.

Angie appeared to be more sickly than aristocratic because she chose to make her exit in a light-weight white dress, which, unfortunately, highlighted her pale complexion.

Individually, each of these things — a fitting floor-length dress, a jacket with a midi-length hemline, and a little handbag – appears fashionable and remarkable. However, Jolie appeared much older than her years due to the childlike elegance of the costume; after all, clean lines and understated details are far better suited to her.

Her curls attracted the most attention, despite the clear decline in quality that can be attributed to the actress’s frequent use of hunger strikes. Her hair garnered the most attention. It is well knowledge that she cannot consume anything other than water for days at a time, which obviously is not good for her hair.

A tailored floor-length dress, a jacket with a midi-length body, and a small purse each look lovely and sophisticated when worn separately. However, exactly because of the infantile splendor of the dress, Jolie appeared older than her years; after all, she is much more attracted to clean lines and minimalist design.

Because it was obvious that the actress’s frequent hunger strikes had taken a toll on the quality of the curls in her hair, most of the attention was focused on her tresses. She has no choice but to spend days at a time completely submerged in water, which obviously isn’t healthy for her hair.

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