Саndid photos of Kylie in a biкini! Is it a gift for a new boyfriend?

Amazing photographs of Kylie Jenner posing in a bikini. Is he a new boyfriend, and this is a gift for him?

It always amazes me when people who at first appearance seem to come from very different backgrounds end up getting together and starting families. And not only does this occur in real life, but it also occurs in Hollywood!

Even the most ardent followers were taken aback by recent events: there are accusations that Kylie Jenner is having an affair with the primary Hollywood hottie that all the females on the world dream of having a relationship with.

Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott, the father of her children Stormi and Air, ended their relationship a second time a few of months ago. Kylie Jenner is the mother of Stormi and Air with Travis Scott.

The rapper has, as of late, resumed the practice of showing attention to his ex-girlfriend by complimenting her on social networking sites. It is safe to believe that this is not a coincidence, as the former always make their way back into our lives the moment a new relationship enters the picture.

Journalists have discovered that Kendall Jenner is currently dating Timothée Chalamet. The two of them first began spending time together following the Paris Fashion Week in January of this year.

And at this point, the duo is already hanging out with Kendall Jenner and Bad Bunny on double dates. It’s hard to believe, but it appears that Kylie herself is making a suggestion to us through her contentious blog postings.

For instance, the celebrity uploaded a series of photos of herself wearing a pink bikini not long after the news surfaced. They were emblazoned with a signature that said, “I’ll be here if you need me.” in a coded manner. Jenner gave the second one the working title “special energy” for a while.

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